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Services for the Students:

We offer state of the art career counselling, foreign education services to aspiring and motivated students. Once we have helped you to choose institute and a course, why shouldn’t student just send the application form by himself? Our services don’t end there. We also help the student and our panel educational institute in a way to:

Tell the student exactly what documents are required to apply for the course and eventually for the visa application, and how they need to be verified.
The student needs to send us the signed application form along with all supporting scanning documents in our office. We check them on behalf of educational institutes for the authenticity as well as the minimum entry requirements for particular course. These documents are later sent to the proposed institutes for processing. .
As a recognized agent of the overseas institutions, applications that are processed through us are fast-tracked through their assessment processes. As well as can keep the student updated with the application status as provided by admission offices. .
We have launched scholarship hunting program under dedicated team of 3 members that holds a detailed database of available scholarships across the world and our experience will help the student to get prestigious scholarships according to their educational credentials. .

In short, we will do everything that’s the worrying, the chasing and the sorting of paperwork for student and educational institute so that the experience of applying to study students overseas is as stress-free as possible.

Services for Institutions:

Development & Printing of market specific promotional literature for panel Universities/Colleges
Advertising, editorials in the National dailies and education related magazines.
Seminars /Presentations
Interview individual students
Attend Educational Fairs & Exhibitions
Handle and respond to online, telephonic and walk in enquiries.
Conduct counselling sessions in selected local educational institutions including English Medium Schools, local Colleges and Universities.
Filter out non potential students to focus on potential students.
Provide regular feedback on the market trends, changes and intelligence that may be of benefit to the institutes.

Educational institutions represented by Future International are large and comprehensive institutions. They are located in major and popular cities. While the range of institutions and locations is varied, all of the institutions we work with have certain criteria in common. First and foremost, the universities/Colleges’ programs, facilities and staff are of the highest quality and are located in a safe environment conducive to learning. Second, institutions are willing to make you an integral part of their university/College and have committed staff to ensure your success.


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